Thursday, May 8, 2008

Giveaway! Five Copes Available of MLB 08: The Show Given Out To Loyal Readers...

Well, this is the first I've ever done this on this blog, but I'm announcing there'll be a give away -- good one.

What's the prize? A copy of MLB 08: The Show for the Sony Playstation III Console. I did a review on it, and the sponsor was kind enough to give five complimentary copies to give away to readers.

The catch, there's none -- however, what I'd like you to do is tell me your favorite baseball story. It could be about the Orioles or anything encompassing the world of the sport -- just as long as it is about it.

Anyhow, the story can be tender, heart-wrenching, funny, serious, or it could be even crude (to extent). Email me personally at (I'll post your story on the blog), or you can leave a comment and send me a way to contact you.

I'll have the contest running until next Friday (May 16th), and then ten stories will be chosen to win the available copies of the game.

Good luck!

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