Thursday, May 15, 2008

Help Out Former Oriole Executive Jim Dquette and His Daughter Raise Funds to Fight Nephrotic Symdrome

Former Oriole executive Jim Duquette's six-year old daughter, Lindsay, is in a battle right now with a foe that's ravaging her young body.

From Roch's blog: "The Duquettes are holding a fundraiser May 31 in the Maryland/DC area aimed to fight a disease known as “Nephrotic Symdrome" that their 6-year-old daughter, Lindsey, still suffers from.

Here’s the link again:

There are quite a few prominent names in the world of baseball who have donated to the fund; however, every day fans have also stepped up to the plate and given what they can.

A special shout out, as Roch also mentioned in his blog post goes out to the Orioles Hangout website and it's posters have raised in well over excess of three thousand dollars for the fundraiser.

Fans, if you can, help the Duquette's out!

- thanks to The Baltimore Sun's Roch Around the Clock and Orioles Hangout for the info...

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