Friday, May 23, 2008

Damn Yankees, Markakis & The Rays

Before the season began, I really didn’t know what to think of Brian Burres. The kid had looked brilliant at points in 2007, average in others, and flat out bad (especially in the 30-3 game). Personally, I’d thought he’d make a good spot starter coming into the season and nothing more than that, because certainly the bullpen didn’t suit him well.

However, so far in 2008, he’s been looking like a much better pitcher, and he’s now certainly someone we can depend on giving a solid performance when he’s on the mound. Buress went a little over seven innings, gave up a run, but once again, the Baltimore offense could not get anything going against Yankee starter Ian Kennedy.

Last night, the Evil Empire won in the bottom of the ninth, 2-1, as Robinson Cano drove in the winning run off James Johnson, who lost his first game of the year. Baltimore has lost their second game in a row, and are now 24-22 on the season.

I see a problem in the lineup right now — aside from the fact we don’t score very much — it’s Nick Markakis.

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