Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Art of the Apology: Paul LoDuca Style

In light of the whole Clemens-MacNamee mess, another multi-millionaire ball player asserts he was sorry not for his drug use, but for being mentioned in the Mitchell Report.

Ah, here's what Paul LoDuca said today to the scribes at the Washington Nationals Spring Training Complex.

"In regards to Senator Mitchell's report, I apologize to my family, all of my fans and to the entire baseball community for mistakes in judgment I made in the past and for the distraction that has resulted," LoDuca stated in his remarks releassed by the team. "So that I can focus on making positive contributions and avoid creating further distractions, I respectfully decline to comment any further on the content of the Mitchell report."

Whatever. Dude you took drugs and hit your way to millions of dollars. You're not sorry for what you did -- eh, you're kind of sorry for being caught and having evidence that directly implicated you to Kirk Radmonski.

I guess what's why you've said nothing for two months.

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