Monday, February 18, 2008

Matt Wieters: The Golden Boy?

Based on everything I have read, Matt Wieters in camp as written by the scribes down in camp so far is the real thing, and fitting in with the Major Leaguers.

Take a look at Roch Kubatko's piece and see why he's now the new "Golden Boy" for the Orioles.

Here's an excerpt:

Wieters, 23, eventually will relocate to the minor league complex in Sarasota, Fla. His only at-bats since leaving Georgia Tech and accepting a franchise-record $6 million bonus have come in the Hawaiian Winter League. But the impression he's made will remain long after he's gone.

"It's been a great experience so far," he said. "I'm just trying to be like a gnat on the wall, where you just fly around and listen to what everybody else is saying. And everybody's been great about talking to me, whether it's about hitting or the clubhouse. It's been a fun couple of days."

He's not quite ready to fill a spot in the middle of the Orioles' lineup, but the people around him, and those who know him best, are certain that he won't be overwhelmed by the responsibility.

"Matt's always been a very deliberate person," Pam Wieters said. "He doesn't do anything until he knows exactly what to do, and that's where his confidence comes from. He steps back and listens first."

He'll no doubt have peaks and valleys in the minors, but do not be surprised if you see him in a Baltimore uniform before 2008 is out. So far it seems he's got an incredible work ethic, an eye for the game and a way about him that you think in your mind, "yeah, he's going to make it."

However, the team will need a lot more than Matt Wieters to contend in the future, but the Baltimore Orioles have gotten off to a great start with the youngster.

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