Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bedard Still An Oriole...

Well, as we are on the Bedard watch, he's still not gone to the left coast for a physical -- in fact, he's still in Ontario, chilling or doing whatever he does.

From the Sun: Orioles ace Erik Bedard had not traveled to Seattle by late Wednesday afternoon, a baseball source told The Sun, meaning any announcement involving the left-hander's pending trade to the Mariners is still on hold.

Orioles president Andy MacPhail reiterated Wednesday night that there was no news to report.

He would not comment further as to what the holdup might be. Since Bedard is still property of the Orioles, it's their responsibility to give Bedard the go-ahead to fly to Seattle. MacPhail would not comment as to whether that has been done.
Yay. Let the saga continue...

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