Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thoughts From the Clemens-MacNamee Debacle...

Sad. Pathetic. Sordid. Unfortunate. I am just watching as much I can from the case right now, and it's just unbelievable what I have read and seen. Clemens is done, plain and simple.

MacNamee, considering he is a slimeball, actually was the most credible of the two and might have told the majority of the truth.


Pettitte, I am willing to forgive you; however, considering all that has been said and done, I'm having a hard time reconciling what you've done.

Well, and to Congress, do you all have anything else better to do? I think most of the officials who took part in the whole spectacle were there for the same reason why most kids back in the day preferred an assembly rather than an hour of class.

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