Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts and Two Redskins In the Hall...

Morning everyone! Well, as we are on the day of the Super Bowl, to be honest, I have not paid as much attention to it as I have had the past several years. Perhaps it's just been because of life, work or whatever, but I am not too terribly excited about it.

Anyhow, as we all know, the New England Patriots are going for a perfect season and the New York Giants are hoping for an upset. My heart wants the Giants, but logic says the Patriots should win and become immortal.

The only thing that bothers me about the Super Bowl these days is the length of time between the conference championships and the game itself with the plethora of corporatism plus the overwhelming hype of the contest.

You want your players rested and ready to go; however, I find it to be more self serving towards the interest of the NFL and the people they do business with.

The commercials are good, right? Well, the Super Bowl is the one event that brings America together, no matter what race or creed, so I have grown to appreciate it for what it is.


For Redskins fans, die-hard or casual, yesterday was a wonderful day as both Art Monk and Darrell Green were honored as they were invited to be a part of Pro Football's Hall of Fame.

Football has changed, as most Skins fans are not happy with the reign of Dan Snyder as owner and the ridiculous coaching carousel, both Monk and Green were not only damn good players, but also were the class of the team and perhaps the NFL.

Both men not only played the game, but took an active role in the community and were nothing but "good" guys. It's asinine that it took Monk 8 years to get into the Hall, but no time is better than the present.

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