Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Interlude Brought To You by Babes Love Baseball...


While we are waiting for Bedard to head to the left coast, here's a cute little baseball interlude...

The Babes Love Baseball website pokes a little fun at the Orioles, but all in good fun -- I hope.

It's tough to be an Oriole fan, but we love our Birds...

With less than a month left until Spring Training starts, it's time once again for Season Previews. Last year, they began as a serious analysis and ended as half-assed haiku, which we're just gonna keep rolling with.

Mitchell named some names
Roberts agrees he did it
But just the one time

Tejada to 'Stros
Congress investigates him
Just dodged that bullet

Markakis is hot
Millar thinks he plays for Sox
Cabrera loco

Crazy rumors fly
Still waiting on Bedard trade
Dance with Mariners

In MacPhail they trust?
Everyone agrees on this:
Angelos sucks ass

Fun, fun...

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