Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Under Armour Commerical Aired During The Super Bowl...

Ok, I just saw this today, I completely missed this on Sunday and I heard some chatter about it while I was listening to WHFS's The A-List with Amber Theoharis last night.

This commercial is slickly done, but after watching it, I wondered what was being sold. Well, the spot reminded me of something out of the movie, "1984", or "V for Vendetta". It was almost like the main speaker in the spot came off as a dictator or something of one of those old totalitarian rallies held in Communist countries.

It didn't do much for me, but it got Under Armour press -- good and bad. I love their product, they're local, and I have tons of their shirts, so let's hope people remember this spot down the road.

Furthermore, I hope that the company got their money's worth out of the spot...

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