Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring Training Road Trip & Team Reviews

Well, from February 27th until March 9th, I'll be in Florida (hopefully out of the freaking cold of Maryland), soaking in the sunshine and catching some baseball down there. I've decided to take a nice, long road trip to down there rather than fly and take the easy way out & get ripped off with a rental car.

For anyone who has been down there, do you have any tips as to the hangouts, places to go after the game in the Fort Lauderdale area? I'll probably stop by Miami and have fun there, but if there's any experienced ST'ers out there, feel free to give me some tips of what to do down in that area.

I have been to Arizona for Spring Training three times, so along with the Orioles, I hope to catch a little bit of the Nationals, perhaps the Yankees, Philles, Red Sox, and the plethora of other teams down there.

Note: I'll have the New York Yankees team review up on the site sometime Wednesday, and then the Baltimore Orioles will be up either Thursday or Friday.

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