Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Roberts: The Inevitable?

At the moment, Brian Roberts is still a Baltimore Oriole: however, it is looking more likely that he'll be dealt to someone perhaps before the trade deadline this season. Rumored to be going to the Cubs since the beginning on the new year, the deal is on hold, perhaps because both side cannot work the details.

Reading some of the Baltimore Orioles news online, it seems more and more that Brian Roberts is resigned to moving on and playing somewhere else for the chance to win.

Although he was nothing but professional in his words to the scribes, if you read in between the lines, he's torn between being an Oriole and moving onto greener pastures.

From the Sun: "It's just a touchy situation just because I love the Orioles," Roberts said. "I've been here since Day One, and I do want to see this organization win. I've always said that. I made a commitment when I signed my deal. But certainly on the other hand, when you see two of your best players gone, a lot of unknown [players] come in - very talented I'm sure - but unknowns nonetheless. The organization essentially has conceded [that] we probably won't win for a couple of years. It's hard to swallow at first, but I'm here. Wherever I am Opening Day, I'll do my job."
Roberts also adds:

"I would never call this organization and say, 'I want to be traded. I need to be traded,' " Roberts said. "I signed a contract. I signed a deal. I understand when I make a commitment, that's what I'm here for. But as I said earlier, you want to win. ... For this organization, if it's better to send me to another place and get a couple of pieces for down the road, I understand that, too. The sooner the chance I get to win, the better off."
Brian has been a good sport with everything that has happened during the offseason' alas, in the end, do you think he's seen the writing on the wall?

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Ben said...

I hate to see Roberts get traded, but it has to happen to get this rebuilding project completely going. He doesn't have to be traded before spring training. The O's have the luxury of waiting until the trading deadline and hoping a better offer comes up. That said, I think he goes to the Cubs in the next couple of weeks.

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