Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Three-Ringed Circus: The Show on Capitol Hill

I have been working throughout today and have not gotten a chance to keep up with everything except by reading a few blogs here and there, plus the Sports Illustrated and the ESPN websites; however, I do know one thing.

This whole damn thing is a waste of time, money, and government resources. Despite that many people are in a mortgage crisis, the dollar is weak throughout out the world, gas prices are still sky high and whatever else in the world, we are worrying about some multi-millionaire athletes who shoot themselves up with drugs?


In the end, we'll learn nothing new, and in the end, sports is just entertainment. No one in the public was defrauded or hurt for life by the misdeeds of a few.

Lord, give this all a rest.

Maybe I am being crass when I say this, but I am actually quite glad that spring training is upon us, so we can move on from this.

When MLB institutes a real drug enforcement program in the sport, then I'll scream and pay attention.

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