Friday, February 1, 2008

Orioles Roundup; Quick Hits...

This week has been a blur and one to remember for hardcore fans of the Orioles. Camden Chat's Scott Crist had a post which puts what many feel into perspective -- what the hell is going on?

I'd like you all to see another opinion of the Bedard deal, this time from Pressbox's Stan Charles. I read his magazine, website and listen to him from time to but I think he's hit the nail right on the head when it has come to the utter ridiculousness of what has been going on.

...The trade discussions surrounding Bedard and Brian Roberts have been perhaps the strangest Baltimore fans have witnessed. It makes one wonder if the ease with which other trades were made in the past decade might have been the result of how easy it was to pull the Orioles' pants down.

The "Andy MacPhail Way" is a great story for another day; the story here is how smug a presence Bedard has become. While a player should never be judged by what media members think of him, it is quite a challenge to hear a positive word about Bedard the person.

While the Birds seem intent now on trading Bedard to the Mariners, there was an honest effort by MacPhail to enter into talks with Bedard and agent Mark Pieper about a three-year contract extension. It was only after MacPhail got stonewalled that he has truly intensified his efforts to move one of his most valuable chips.

One side of Bedard's mouth says he is hurt that the team doesn’t want him around, while the other side says he won’t be part of a total rebuilding effort. Too bad Bedard only has two sides of a mouth or he’d have yet another opinion.

I referred to Bedard as “Mussina Lite," in reference to another somewhat unpopular former Oriole pitcher, but there is a huge difference. While Mike Mussina was a bit of a prima donna, at least he had accomplished some things by the age of 28 that gave him some license.

By 28, Mussina had gone 90-40 and twice won 19 games in a season while throwing 1,135 innings. Bedard has racked up a 40-34 record while throwing just 658 innings.

It's simple. Many O's fans want to root for players who want to be in Baltimore and give a damn about turning the sinking ship around. It often seems the only thing Bedard cares about is busting the chops of the media and staying as dispassionate as possible about being an Oriole.

Keeping with Press Box Online, they have a great interview with Oriole manager, Dave Trembley on his expectations for 2008. While most are picking Baltimore to just be awful and for Tampa Bay to finally escape the cellar, the Birds could surprise much like the Washington Nationals did in 2007. The young pitching will be key as how the team develops, and eyes here will be Nick Markakis as he's not doubt the man now with the Orioles.

The Sun's Dan Connolly believes what most Orioles fans believe, this deal has to be done for the future of the franchise - plain and simple.

Spencer Fordin of the has his weekly mailbag out and the topics include (oh joy), Bedard, rebuilding, spring training & Corey Patterson.

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