Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Ceiling of Nick Markakis...


Amongst a lot of baseball heads and other fans, I've contended that Baltimore's Nick Markakis is probably one of the under-rated players in the game. I've said time and time again during the offseason if Markakis played in either Boston, or one of the New York teams, he'd not only have a Gold Glove, but would perhaps be a perennial All-Star and the toast of the town.

Despite his lofty numbers in 2007, he pretty remained under the radar. Well, considering the turnover going on with the Oriole franchise, there's one thing we all know -- Markakis is a sure thing.

The national press may turn their eye to Markakis since he plays in Baltimore, anyone who has seen him play on a regular basis knows that he may becoming something special and the cornerstone of the franchise.

So at this point, what do you think his ceiling is?

1 comment:

Who We Are said...

I have his projected numbers at 100/27/115/.300/20

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