Friday, January 25, 2008

Bedard, A Commodity; Could He Be A Goner Next Week?

Being that not much is going on with the Orioles on the trade front besides rumor and speculation; alas, let's throw some more chatter out there...

From Rotoworld (via the Seattle Times): General manager Bill Bavasi indicated Thursday that the Mariners are still in the mix for Erik Bedard, saying that acquiring a "top-of-the-rotation" starter remains the team's goal.

Bavasi added that the team has made its final offers for several pitchers, with speculation that he was referring to Bedard, Johan Santana and Ian Snell. "I don't think you can give a club its terms and its price," Bavasi said. "We can move a premier prospect and numbers [of players], but we're not going to move a number of premium prospects."

Ah, nothing like some more talk. The Mariners have the need and the money sign Bedard long-term, plus the prospects. Do we play, "Let's Make A Deal?"

And now this came out from the Baltimore Sun, in an article, "Bedard Resigned to Being Traded":
Ace pitcher Erik Bedard admitted today that he is resigned to being traded at some point this season, and he is disappointed that the Orioles haven't made a greater effort to sign him to a contract extension.

"If they don't want me, that's the best thing to do," Bedard said in a phone interview with The Sun. "Obviously, they don't want to keep me because there are a lot more talks [about] trading me than signing me. What am I supposed to do? I just go with the flow. I'll keep it as it is, and go with it, day by day."

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