Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Three Ringed Circus: Congress Holds Yet Another Baseball Steroid Hearing…

Ah, the current problems I see in America.

* The War in Iraq
* The Economy and the Housing Market
* The Cost of Gas
* Education, Crime, and the welfare of children
* Immigration (some may beg to differ, I think it's way down the list)

We all love baseball, but do we find that as big of a problem as the aforementioned items? No. However, Congress felt the need to have two days of hearings concerning drugs in baseball.

What have we learned through all this that we didn't know already? Very little; however, baseball has been rightfully skewered, and it's good to see that Bud and company are finally willing to take culpability for their inactivity and indifference towards PED use in the sport despite making billions.

Nice. It's good to see government at work.

The videos below show the highlights from the past several days:

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