Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Saga of Tejada

Sorry about the lack of posts recently - I have been working on a project and also started a business venture this month which has required a lot of my free time as of late; thus, Beatlefanatic will pick up some of the slack until this weekend.

Harking back on old friends, it looks like Miguel Tejada has not at all had a good week.

In fact, he's had a real bad week.

First off, his brother dies in an motorcycle accident; second, it looks like Congress wants to not to only revisit statements made by former Orioles All-Star Miguel Tejada in past about his drug use, but he may now in legal hot water as evidenced from the events of this week in Washington.

If you compare what she said a few years ago and what was in the Mitchell Report, he may be in a sad predicament if he's found to have lied. Well, no one is ever under obligation to talk to any federal staff or investigators unless you are subpoenaed, but lying is a whole other issue.

Considering the profile that drug/PED use has now in the media and in the eyes of the government, Tejada may have even more questions to answer.

Third, people in Houston are not happy with the relevations with Tejada, but it seems that Drayton McLane, owner of the Astros is willing not to judge him.

Translation: If Miguel hits .300, drives 90+ runs, hits 25-30 home runs and makes Houston a contender in a weak NL Central, all will be forgiven; however, if he hits .270, hits 15 homers, makes errors in the field and does nothing with his bat, then he'll be marked as a sinner considering his contract.

Performance is everything; thus, stayed tuned to the Tejada saga. If he does well with his bat, the Hoston fans won't care whether he's eating bread or pumping himself up with drugs.

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