Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bedard Truly A Goner, Now Rumored to Be Heading to Seattle for Jones and Others (via Rotoword/Seattle Times)?

From Rotoworld (via the Seattle Times):

'Adam Jones is flying to Baltimore for a physical on Monday, suggesting the Orioles and Mariners have agreed to an Erik Bedard trade.

Jones said he's been told the deal is done, though he doesn't know who is going with him to Baltimore. Asked by the Seattle Times tonight, George Sherrill said he had heard nothing to suggest he's being included. Top prospects Chris Tillman, Jeff Clement, Carlos Triunfel and Wladimir Balentien are among the players whose names have come up in rumors.'

Wow. Stay tuned! A tip of the hat to Ian of Sox & Dawgs for emailing me before arguably one of the biggest games here in the area right now -- Duke vs. Maryland.

If you want more perspective on the deal, check out the thread on Orioles Hangout...

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