Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bedard Saga: What's To Be Believed?

Ok, this whole Bedard thing is becoming like an episode of 'Melrose Place' from back in the day. As an Oriole fan, I am somewhat frustrated and also a realist -- change has to happen, but how soon will it come?

The latest from Rotoworld:

"The Seattle Times in confirming that Adam Jones told a Venezuelan paper on Sunday that he was being traded to the Orioles, and an Orioles source told the Baltimore Sun that Jones was scheduled for a physical Monday in Baltimore.

Those plans changed, probably because the Orioles still hadn't gotten approval from Peter Angelos. Jones later changed his story, saying he didn't tell anyone he had been traded and was going to Baltimore for a physical, but that's almost certainly what the Mariners told him to say. The Times' Geoff Baker heard the audio recording that confirmed Jones' quotes from Sunday. All indications are that the Bedard deal is in the hands of Angelos, but that Angelos had something else to do today and wasn't ready to give the thumbs up or down."

All I know is that something happened, but on the way, something definitely changed.

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