Tuesday, January 22, 2008

O's Sign Lance Cormier - Why Should We Care?

Who is Lance Cormier? Why should we care?

He's another body, but at least he's not Victor Zambrano.

The upside: He's young.

The downside: He got hammered in the NL.

Look at his stats on Baseball Reference -- there's not much to see or be hopeful about. Oh yeah, but he's still young and a warm body.

A change of scenery may help this guy, but he's nothing more than a backend for the starting rotation and his salary for 2008 makes him a worthwhile risk considering the state of the Baltimore Orioles. I don't see anything to put him into the upper echelon of greatness (in fact, he may spend part of next season in the minors), but if Cormier could get his act together in Baltimore and be a reliable starter, he could do nothing but help the team.

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