Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maybe Bedard Is Staying -- For Now?

Ah, more from Roch's Blog...

"Now it's The Sun's turn:

A high-ranking Orioles official told Jeff Zrebiec that a trade hasn't been completed with the Mariners.

And this is why we don't rush to file a story on the Web site until the necessary calls have been made.

Now we can speculate on what happened.

Did Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi jump the gun when he contacted outfielder Adam Jones and reportedly told him to fly to Baltimore? Did Jones misunderstand what Bavasi told him and jump the gun by telling a reporter in Venezuela that he had been traded?

I wouldn't look for Jones to show up at the warehouse tomorrow unless he's taking a tour. Or helping to install the new scoreboard."

Ok, we have been down this road before -- let's just wait and see...

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