Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on Bedard; No Confirmation From The Orioles...

It looks like all the information on the deal is coming from one side -- Seattle. Well, despite the news posted a while ago, the Sun's Roch Kubatko has not gotten any confirmation from the Baltimore Orioles on a deal yet.

From Roch's blog: I would love to file an entry confirming the Erik Bedard trade to Seattle and releasing the names of the prospects that Orioles president Andy MacPhail acquired in return for the left-hander.

Just one problem: Nobody on the Orioles' side is confirming that a deal is done.

All we have so far is Adam Jones telling reporters in Venezuela that the Mariners told him that a trade was completed and he should fly to Baltimore. Pretty strong stuff. But the media here needs someone from the warehouse to provide confirmation, and it's not happening.

Jones and pitchers George Sherrill and Chris Tillman are rumored to be involved in the deal, but Sherrill told the Seattle Times' Geoff Baker that he hasn't heard a word about being traded. You'd think that he'd know, if Jones already has been given the news.

More to come, I'm sure.

Either there's no news (not likely), or the Orioles are protecting the news of this potential deal...

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