Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Return of Patterson?

Well, it looks like Corey Paterson may be back with the Orioles in 2008, because of the lack of depth right now in the ourfield.

I really, really hoped that the organization would have gotten an upgrade over him; however, it looks like the team was so focused in trading their core guys in order to replenish the lineup that a replacement could not be found.

Thus, what was old could be new again.

In yesterday's Baltimore Sun, Andy MacPhail quipped, "I have had discussions with his representative, Scott Boras, and they are familiar with our interest ... We have agreed we will touch base a little later."


I like Patterson as a player, as he's an excellent defender, has blazing speed (which he should even use more often) and seems to have the tools to be an impact player. For one reason or another, he's not been able to put it together and at times during his Oriole tenure looked like Patterson of the Cubs, rather than a player who is making the most of his potential.

It would not hurt anyone if Patterson rejoined the team, just for the simple fact the Orioles are rebuilding. In addition, if Patterson has a good '08, the Orioles could flip him to a contender for a mid-to-low grade youngster or two, or he's in line for a huge raise.

Although he strikes out too much, and has a low OBP along with plate discipline, having Patterson back will not kill the Orioles.

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