Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Theater of the Absurd: More on Bedard, Does Adam Jones Have A Hip Problem?

Well, this story is becoming even more outrageous and with even more twists and turns.

Ah, from Roch's blog:

... I've been in meetings most of the day and have an interview at 5 p.m. - not for a new job, so don't get your hopes up. But I wanted to address the rumor (because it's what I do these days) that Adam Jones has a degenerative hip condition and that's why the Erik Bedard trade hit a snag.

All I can say about the topic is that the Orioles became concerned with something related to Jones, and the fact that they wanted to bring him in for a physical before alerting Bedard's agent that a trade agreement was reached should send off signals. But we've heard nothing up to this point about his hip.

Maybe this will prove true later. We'll find out soon enough. But nobody at The Sun would go on a radio show and blurt out this kind of information without being absolutely positive (and obviously reporting it in the paper first). That's dangerous territory, especially when you're possibly impacting a young athlete's reputation and future earnings.

For the sake of Jones, I hope it's false. For the sake of the person who said it, it better be right.
Well, there always has to be something new with this story, because anything involving this team it seems can't be anything but dramatic.

The popular Orioles site & forum, Orioles Hangout has a good summarization as to what's going on with this whole deal.


Matt Fairchild (matt@sportscrack.com) said...

I still have confidence in MacPhail to get this deal done. The hip rumor on Jones sounds like a bunch of bull just to get a better 4th or 5th prospect from the Mariners.

But I swear if Angelos effs this up there should be a mutiny within the whole organization.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Dude, I have no idea what to think; however, Angelos has always been wary of signing players with health concerns (item: Aaron Sele and his time in Seattle..)

Well, if Angelos screws this up, forget about any serious FA's coming here if and when the team rebuilds.

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