Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bedard Saga Continues: Is He Staying Or Going? The Roundup...

Now that the Santana drama is over, we can now focus on the soap opera that's going on in our backyard with the one and only Erik Bedard.

This morning, erstwhile Sun Blogger, Roch Kubatko says this about the Bedard trade talks:

"...We’ve been startled by enough false alarms when it comes to trades, but people I’ve spoken with over the last 24 hours sound more encouraged about Erik Bedard going to the Mariners. I still believe it’s going to happen.

It’s been so insane lately, we’ve almost forgotten about Brian Roberts and the Cubs. Those talks supposedly are active, as well. We’ve just been too preoccupied with Bedard to care as much.

I admire team president Andy MacPhail for being able to sleep nights. I’d be a total wreck if my roster was this unsettled so close to spring training."

Well, I think this trade may happen too just because the Orioles need to do it to move forward and finally get back on the road to respectability. As well, if Bedard goes, it's just a matter of time before Roberts is gone. But, does it have to be done now?

As sad as it may be to see both Bedard and Roberts go, the roster will been completely overhauled and there would be a serious youth infusion at the both major and minor league levels. Things may be painful for a bit, but you have to crawl before you walk.


Meanwhile, the Sun's Jeff Zrebiec reports that other sharks have infested the water, as new teams have jumped into the Erik Bedard sweepstakes.

Andy MacPhail continues to assert there's no deal in place with the Mariners.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer goes more into detail about the Adam Jones situation and as well mentioning the deal with Santana could finally spur the Orioles into action; however, Art Theil believes the Mariners will need more than Bedard to compete in the AL West (I agree with him).

Obviously, the various Oriole blogs have had their say too on everything, as Camden Chat has their opinion as does Orioles and Lobster; Ben from Oriole Central mentions the other teams in the mix; meanwhile, the Orioles Insider thinks that this story is writing itself; and HRB of Dempsey's Army actually is not following all the trade stuff and is looking at teams of the past and our current roster.

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