Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peter Angelos and the Orioles

I think I need to put up a seperate piece in addition to my post yesterday about the Baltimore Orioles.

As evidenced in the past, there is no single man in the Baltimore community that is more universally reviled than Peter Angelos. Unless you have been under the rock for the past ten years, it's no big secret he is getting the brunt of the failure when it comes to the Orioles.

I posted the comment about Angelos on both Oriole Magic, and on my personal blog; therefore, as expected, I got a few responses either agreeing with me somewhat or just plain disagreeing with me and wondering where my head was. I missed a critical word in the passage, so it was sort of construed the wrong way; however, I'm still staying on record as saying Angelos is not solely the cause of the organization being horrible, as it is a myriad of other factors that have added to it.

Well, as know too, his alleged meddling and interference in deals have endeared him to no one. However, like I said yesterday, the revolving door of baseball execs in Baltimore (with the exception of Gillick), bad drafts, poor management, bad signings (Sosa), over-evaulation of their prospects, a lot of former, retired Orioles staying away from the organization, the road jersey issue, the flap with John Miller, Pat Gillick and Davey Johnson, just god awful PR as one poster mentioned (Cuba, the flap with Nestor) have set the franchise back.

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