Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Different Perspective on Jeter - A Position Change?

Pal and tag team partner on the Hits Keep Coming Radio Show, Jason MacAdams (btw, who has an excellent blog on the MFY's called My Baseball Bias), opines on Derek Jeter; however, what he states may be heresy - akin to an Oriole fan questioning if Cal Ripken hurt the team with the streak.

Basically, Jason advocates a position change for Jeter, perhaps to the outfield.
I think a lot of what he asserts makes a lot of sense, though some fans will be inclined to think otherwise.

Read his post on the LoHud (Lower Hudson, NY Website) and see what you think.

Sorry to make some of you sick, but it's a good read if you're an unbiased fan.

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