Monday, January 14, 2008

Luis Hernandez, Our Starting Shortstop in 2008?

Could this man be the starting shortstop of the Baltimore Orioles in 2008? Granted, he's not a slugger like Tejada with the bat, but he's got a sweet, sweet glove and surely did not make a fool out of himself when he got playing time in '07.

Still, the days of having a guy like Belanger or Ozzie Smith in the fold are over -- we expect our middle infielders to not only have a glove, be athletic in the field, and make the big plays, but a big bat as well.

From all accounts (according to the Baltimore Sun), he struggled in Winter Ball, but picked up the slack in the playoffs.

If Luis is the everyday shortstop in '08, with the lack of the offense the Orioles seemingly have on paper already, will he do?

Will we be happy as fans with number 2 in the field every day?

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