Sunday, January 6, 2008


Well, as you all know Roger Clemens was on 60 Minutes this evening and was interviewed by long-time veteran correspondent, Mike Wallace. As we all know, he all but denied ever using steroids or PED's.

I'm not sure what to think of Roger's mea culpa -- I think he put up a fairly compelling case, but again it comes down to his word versus Brian MacNamee's.

I'll have a more lengthy piece sometime on Monday on the pitcher, but I can gather from his interview and his impending appearance in front of Congress, things have not gotten any clearer.

Someone is telling the truth; meanwhile, someone is lying. I doubt MacNamee would just conjure a story to save himself from the slammer & there's real no burden of proof besides what was in the Mitchell Report.

It's a classic battle of "your word against mine".

I have always respected Clemens as a pitcher, but after this whole sordid affair, there's probably a lot more to the story and it makes me wonder why he just didn't say he what did to the investigators in the Mitchell Report to Wallace.

Right now, his actions are speaking louder than words; alas, I still think there's far more to the story.

I think Mike Wallace, in spite of his illustrious career, sort of threw a lot of softballs at him; however, he did a credible job with his interview. Clemens was obviously defiant, and almost dumbfounded at the situation, but he was very careful and deft like a politician when it came to Brian MacNamee.

Considering that the greatest pitcher of this generation and preeminent hitter in the game have been accused of PED and steroid use, the game has been soiled and the world will be watching this case closely.

If you didn't see the interview, it's here...

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