Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Hits: Orioles Rundown...

Well, before I go into the Oriole news, let's all say a prayer for WTOP's Craig Heist.

According to a thread on Orioles Hangout, and WNST radio, Craig is in the hospital in serious condition after he collapsed at a Washington Wizards game. Working in the press from time to time, I have seen at him at work and there's no doubt he's one of most well-known and knowledgeable sports guys in the business.


As we all know, Brian Roberts is still an Oriole despite all the chatter online and in the media.

Now, the talks concerning Erik Bedard have heated up according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. Here’s what he said yesterday:

Bedard: A trade between the Orioles and Mariners is only one player away from completion, major-league sources say, but that one player could be right-hander Chris Tillman, a 19-year-old that the M’s would prefer to retain.

Outfielder Adam Jones would be the centerpiece of the deal for the Orioles, and left-handed reliever George Sherrill and 17-year-old shortstop Carlos Triunfel are among the other players under discussion.

The Mariners also have inquired about A’s right-hander Joe Blanton, but the A’s would insist upon Jones and the Mariners might not be willing to trade their top position prospect within the division.

I personally think there was a lot of truth the Roberts rumors, and something potentially could have gone down, but in the end, it didn’t work out.

It looks like Andy MacPhail is holding perhaps his two biggest trade chips for the best offer, so although he said he does not expect any more deals heading into spring training; alas, we as savvy fans know better. Well, if the Orioles see what they like, they’ll jump on it.

Let’s look at the big picture here, these two guys need to be traded for the good of the organization and for the future. We love Brian, and Erik has the chance to be a special pitcher, but the house in Baltimore is in disarray and something needs to be done.

Peter Schmuck believes that the Orioles need to make some more deals -- soon.

Orioles Hangout has more on the potential deals going down...


The Orioles Insider on Pressbox has an interview with scouting director, Joe Jordan, and he gives his takes on the development in the minor leagues and the talent available at that level.

As well, Craig Heist has more on the Oriole prospects who you could possibly see in Baltimore during the 2008 season.

Casey Willett wonders if Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts will remain members of the Baltimore Orioles...

Lefty Adam Loewen is on the road back...

The O, by the Way, gives us a tip on a Brady Anderson sighting...

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Marc said...

Is his real name Peter Schmuck? He should be embarrassed.

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