Monday, January 7, 2008

Sentiments on Ripken Being Part of the Baltimore Orioles Inner Sanctum

As some of you might have seen this weekend, I and Scott Christ of Camden Chat participated in a roundtable on Baseball Digest Daily and discussed the state of the Baltimore Orioles.

Scott, I and the moderator, Dave Rouleau, engaged in a few more Q&A questions after the roundtable and one of the topics came up was about Cal Ripken and he possibly being a part owner of the team, or at least in some sort of executive capacity with the organization.

I don't think I have ever talked about Cal Ripken at length having a role in running the Baltimore Orioles on the blog, but I might as well add my two cents in.

As it is right now, I do not see Peter Angelos selling the team or giving up control because frankly, he needs to go out a winner and not a loser. Right now, as it stands, the Orioles are worth at least $365 million, and the estimates have been as high as $800 million if you factor in MASN (the potential).

Obviously, the question is does Cal have the funds or an investment group in place? Well, he would have no problem finding a group who would like to have him aboard; however, Angelos will not sell right now and perhaps could leave the team to his son, John & Louis.

Living in the Baltimore Washington area and growing up in the 80's - early 90's, Ripken was the embodiment of the Baltimore Orioles. He is still the "man" in the eyes of all of us, and he being involved with the team would give the organization a shot in the arm, plus excellent PR.

Granted, Ripken might lose a few supporters if he turns out be a failure as an executive, but as it is right now, it's Oriole fans universally would love to see him involved in a role with the organization.

From the virtues, values and the love of baseball that his father, Cal Sr. gave to him, Ripken has turned out to be a savvy marketer, teacher of the game and all around businessman. More or less, he's the protypical man to lead a business -- smart, engaging, people-friendly, squeaky-clean and beloved.

I have met him on a few occasions, and there's not a guy who could not find any more charismatic and as well spoken as Ripken. As well, his reputation is impeccable and there's not a person in all of baseball who could possibly have a bad word to say about the man. Frankly, he's probably a head up on a lot of the executives out there just by his sheer resume and experiences after his playing career.

With his credentials, the success of Ripken Baseball, and his experience, Baltimore could do a whole lot worse than to have the Iron Man in the fold.

Will be he a part of the team? Only time will tell...

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