Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Review: "Baseball, 365 Days," by Joseph Wallace

I'm a huge photo hound, as I have various types of photography in my house, and as well, thoroughly enjoy taking action sports photos. For a hobby that's so near and dear to me, I've got the book for you.

Obviously, if you're reading this blog, you love baseball and recently I was given a copy of "Baseball, 365 Days" by Joseph Wallace; thus, naturally being a fan of the sport, I have fallen in love very much with it.

However, "Baseball, 365 Days" isn't just about baseball photos -- it's literally and archive of the game from the early 70's to today.

It features everything from colorful fans, to Ozzie Smith in the field, to Nolan Ryan being fierce on the mound and everything in between. Each stunning photograph -- from plays in the field to tender moments, like fans interacting with their favorite player were picked from the archives of Major League Baseball.

The book isn't just litany of pictures placed in a book --- each photograph tells a story, from one of exuberance to pain.

With each photograph, Wallace gives a brief summation and commentary about the picture at hand -- but, keep in mind -- it's the pictures that tell the story, not the words on the page.

"Baseball, 365 Days", may rival "War and Peace" in terms of the number of pages, I assure you it's a much more fun and enjoyable book.

I have the book on my desk, and in the end, I make it point look at it every so often now, not only to become a better photographer and story teller -- it's because I love the game of baseball so much.

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