Sunday, April 13, 2008

Perspective - The Orioles After Three Weeks...

After a nice six-game winning streak to start off the season, the Orioles had lost three in a row before last night's win? Have we officially started to suck now? Are the Orioles finally who we thought they were and have the smoke and mirrors faded away?

Reading some of the articles, forums and blogs out there — I think we are overreacting a bit. Personally, I would not say I have written off 2008, but I’m not concerned about the standings — I just want to see progress and the culture of the organization change.

We have 151 games to go; thus, anything can happen. Will we finish with 90 losses or more — most likely; however, if Jones develops and Wieters by some miracle blows through the minors, the Baltimore franchise will be in good shape.

The question you have to ask yourself, granted only three weeks into the season is: Are the Orioles better than they are in 2007 right now, or worse?

I think they are better now than they were in 2008. Honestly, I see a fight in this team that did not exist last year, as evidenced from what I have seen this past two weeks.

Like I said, I pretty much just want to see Jones develop, Markakis tear it up for another year, Loewen overcome his injuries, and see the good Daniel more often than the bad one.

I have put off even competing with the Red Sox and Yankees this year and next — I want to see a core put together and see if they can win along with connect with the fans.

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