Thursday, April 10, 2008

Peter Angelos Writes Revisionist History (From Oriole Magic)

Been a busy morning in these parts, but I was reading the Baltimore Sun just now and apparently, Peter Angelos wants the Washington Nationals to succeed and he thinks the attendance at Oriole Park is lacking, um, because of the weather!

In addition, he's all for us Oriole fans catching the occasional game in Washington.

I wish I had the money and power to write revisionist history; however, most of us know better than to believe the assertions of Peter Angelos. I don't think he's a bad guy, and I have all belief that Angelos bought the team thinking he could make it better and bring a Championship back to Baltimore.

How things have not worked out.

"There's no law against visiting the other franchise," Angelos said in an interview with The Sun. "One's a National League city and one's an American League city."

Angelos had once argued the region couldn't support two franchises.

"Originally, I said [Washington and Baltimore] were very close to each other," Angelos said. "But nonetheless, it is the nation's capital, and the team is there, and it ought to be supported, and hopefully, both franchises will provide successful baseball."

Really. I guess this is where your lawyer skills come in handy. We're you not against the move of the Expos to Washington and did you not fight tooth and nail to stop it?

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