Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The First Place Rays and O’s Tango At The Yard This Week...

The Rays are in town, and they are seemingly not the same Tampa Bay team we’ve seen in the past.

The future is now with this team from the looks of it.

Currently tied atop the division with us and the Red Sox, they’ve done nothing but win the past two weeks, they swept Boston this weekend and the Jays before that.

Keep in mind, we are seeing a different Baltimore team than had been fielded in the past as well. I would have never said years ago that the Orioles and Rays might play in a series that may be worth something — but it is now.

Then again, we’re still in April, so take the previous comment for what is worth.

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1 comment:

Mac G said...

Os/Rays play a game that actually mean something in the AL East standings? I know it is still April but someone please wake me up!

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