Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perlozzo & Bedard; Wieters Debuts & Impresses

Erik Bedard and Sam Perlozzo return to Baltimore this weekend for the four game series against the Seattle Mariners. Granted, Perlozzo's visit to Charm City may be bittersweet due to the circumstances of his firing (I think he was on watch after the Mother's Day Massacre); however, he was nothing but nice and gracious to the fans. He tried his best, but it didn't work out.

I think Bedard was a great talent and it was nice to see him develop in Baltimore; in retrospect, he needed to be traded for the good of the organization. He was not going to sign a long term deal here, and simply just wanted to be part of a winner.

Despite what has been said about him in the media, I'll always root for him, as he was a nice enough when I met him, and enjoyed seeing him on the mound.

Peter Schmuck has a great article in the Sun about Bedard & Perlozzo's return. Marc Carig of the Washington Post has more on the reunion, this time from the Orioles' side and as well has another piece on Sam Perlozzo, as does the Baltimore Examiner.

Before I forget, Erik Bedard will pitch against us on Sunday and it should obviously be interesting to see how he does.

Finally, The future of the Orioles may be here sooner as think. Matt Wieters hit two home runs as the Frederick Keys defeated Lynchburg, 7-3. Although there is plenty of baseball to play, he may be up in the big leagues by the end of the season if he can keep up his successful night through 2008.

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