Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Gallery: New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles; April 19th, 2008; O's Trash Yankees, 8-2

Photo Gallery: New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles; April 19th, 2008

If you have not had a chance to go out and see the Orioles -- do so. I went out the Yard last night and it was a good night to be a fan.

So we are only into the first weeks of the season, and it would be silly to assume that we'll finish as winners and start printing out playoff tickets; however, the Orioles are playing inspired baseball and this is a team to rally around.

Daniel Cabrera has a solid game, as he went six innings and gave up two runs; plus, Melvin Mora and Jay Payton each drove in a pair of runs in a seven-run, sixth inning as well, Nick Markakis and Luke Scott added two hits and an RBI apiece for Baltimore to trash the Yankees, 8-2.

Yankee starter, Phil Hughes was solid for five innings, and then just fell apart -- thereafter, the bullpen did not make things better -- in fact, they opened up the flood gates.

Despite actually having a losing record this past week, the Orioles are off to a strong start and are actually now watchable. I'm going to hold myself back from saying we're great, but so far, I'm enjoying this first month of the season and seeing the team play well and fight through most games.

I'll say it again, Andy MacPhail is looking like a genius with his moves in the off-season.

Ah, what a great night to be an Oriole fan.

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