Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seeds Of Hope Vs. Despair - The Words of Amber Theoharis

For most who follow the team, it is a given the Orioles will probably finish under .500 and perhaps be in the cellar in the AL East.

However, that supposedly sad fact of reality is not stopping some in the media from proclaiming great things - imagined or otherwise when it comes to the Orioles.

Although the vast majority of Oriole bloggers and the national media have come to the consensus the team may be bad -- no horrible; some want to see things from a slant, or to put it blunt, with rose colored glasses.

This is best of them I found - from Pressbox/MASN/WHFS's Amber Theoharis, sideline reporter, columnist & TV maven. Camden Chat found this, Roar From 34 mentioned this to me, and I read before, but I needed to read it again...

(Amber Theoharis): "Trembley can’t predict what will happen -- not now, not in September. However, one thing you can bet all your Cadbury Eggs on is the O’s lineup will change. There will be trades, injuries and opportunities for younger players over the next six months. It will be a relatively short transformation considering the metamorphosis Easter has undergone over the past 2,000 years.

(the kicker...)Do you think Jesus was visited by a large bunny bearing chocolate on that fateful day years ago, or Mary Magdalene went in search of colorful eggs shortly before visiting Christ’s tomb? No, and nobody in Jesus’ time would have predicted those elements would work their way into the culture of Easter. But they did, and it works. So will the adjustments made to the Orioles' roster over the next six months."
WTH? I have no idea what to think of this, but to laugh out loud.

I'm usually positive along with fair and balanced, but I'm sorry, I had to point this out. She's one person who's not negative, and while I appreciate that; alas, that passage above makes me wonder just because you work for an entity that is part of the team you cover doesn't mean you should lie about them.

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Anonymous said...

You BS and make crap up all the time and you believe you are a journalist. Far from it.

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