Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teixeira: Is He Good For The Orioles?

Over the past several years, the topic of slugger Mark Teixeira has been one that has been on the forefront of Baltimore Oriole fans.

The issue of him ever playing for us is one I have always wondered about. Yes, he'd look great in an O's uniform and a move to get him here would no doubt appease a certain segment of fans, but I'm going to give my opinion, just because I'm trying to be realistic to anyone who cares to read what I type.

As much as I like Teixeira, the bidding will be ridiculous in the off-season and he'll be in reach of the same five or six teams in every marquee deal.

Everyone may want the hometown boy, but in the state the Orioles are in, they cannot and should not devote the financial resources to him at all. If we somehow finish above .500, let's take another look at him; however, as most are projecting, the Orioles will be in the second division.

Do you think he would want to spend his prime earning years in Baltimore, who are not projected to contend anytime soon, or play for one of the New York teams, Boston, or a California team? Do you think me would want a situation here akin to what he faced in Texas?

Right now, the rebuilding of the Baltimore Orioles is far more important than signing a slugger to perhaps a nine figure contract the next off-season.

I say pass unless a miracle happens.

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