Monday, April 14, 2008

A Few Words ... Five Questions with Oriole Legend Brooks Robinson...


The blog had the opportunity last year to have a brief chat with Hall of Famer and Oriole legend, Brooks Robinson. Well, I decided to catch up with Brooks a year later and see what he's been up to, plus ask about current issues in the game.

Throughout his career, he was known as "The Human Vacuum Cleaner," as he is known until this day as one of the greatest third baseman, much less infielders of all time. Robinson played 23 seasons, all for the Orioles, setting major league career records for games, putouts, assists, chances, double plays and fielding percentage for a third baseman.

Though known for this steady glove, he hit 268 career home runs, at one time an American League record for third basemen. Robinson earned the league's MVP Award in 1964 and the World Series MVP in 1970, when he hit .429 and made a collection of defensive gems.

Below are a few questions that I asked him. I hope you enjoy the interview, and feel free to send me feedback at

Hope you all enjoy.


The Mitchell Report has affected the sport in a way no one ever thought it would; thus, what are your opinions about it? Do you think players should be punished for their past transgressions, their records wiped from the books, or should the game just “move on”?

BR: The Mitchell Report proved to be one of the best documents. It brought everything to the front and exposed it. If there were 70 players mentioned you believe that there were 4 times 70 players actually using steroids. I think baseball is riding a wave of popularity right now. This issue is now in the past. I think we should move on and not punish the players.

OP: You’ve been fairly busy within the last year, and you’re now an investor in four minor league teams. Can you tell us more about your new venture, as well what got you involved & what is the best and worst part about it?

BR: I love being part owner of Opening Day Partners which operates 4 minor league teams in the Independent League. We open a new stadium in Southern Maryland on May 2nd and I am thrilled.

OP: It goes without saying that the Orioles have struggled for the past decade or so. Do you still follow the team closely, and if so, what do you think of transition taking place in terms of the talent on the field?

BR: Yes, I do follow the Orioles. I do think they are on the right track now and they have the right person in Andy MacPhail. I don't think he would have taken the job unless he had total control. I think trading Tejada and Bedard had to be done. We need bodies!

OP: As a Hall of Famer, and fan of the game, who are the players today who impress you the most in terms of what they do on the field?

BR: Alex Rodriquez & Derek Jeter impress me the most.I have met Alex several times and and I don't personally know Derek Jeter but I think they are 2 of the best players in the game today. There are a lot of great players but they are my favorites.

OP: Finally, for us Oriole fans, what would consider your proudest moment to be in a Baltimore uniform?

BR: 1964 AL MVP. An also I am very proud that I played longer with one team than anyone in the history of the game (23 seasons) along with Carl Yastrzemski.


Enchanting Sunshine said...

Wonderful. Aren't you lucky!!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks, I would not say I am lucky -- but it's always a pleasure to have interviewed him...

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