Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aubrey Huff and Opening Day

Morning everyone, I am going to have a writeup/rundown later today; however, since I missed work yesterday afternoon, I am trying to get caught up again with society. Add to that I had a weekend full of baseball, both for pleasure and work -- I'm trying to readjust.

Anyhow, there's a lot to talk about, but if you were not at the Yard yesterday, things really have changed from past Opening Day events.

The crowd was lively, but the crowd on Monday didn't have the feel of year's past, and it was almost like we as fans have been resigned to failure.

If you get a chance, read Dick Heller's column in the Washington Times today. Yes, I try to be a positive as I can, and still love the Orioles; however, there's no doubt what the author is saying is the absolute truth -- things are not the same anymore, and the Baltimore Orioles need to win and also reach out to their fans if they have any hope of reliving the glory days of 90's at the Yard.

Aubrey Huff: I'd really like to feel sorry for guy; however, I really don't. I have heard a few more stories about how he treated a few fans during spring training, and I personally revile the guy and hope he leaves.

In today's post on Roch's blog, "Roch Around the Clock", and he goes into the fray about the beleagured first/third baseman-DH.

Aubrey Huff was given “the treatment” tonight by fans who haven’t forgotten or forgiven his appearance on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show back in November. I’m hoping the booing was an Opening Day thing and will go the way of the Dodo bird because it’s going to get old real fast.

I can see letting Huff have it if he’s insisting that everything he said about Baltimore is true and the residents need to just get over it or he’ll also stop hitting Tampa Bay pitching this season. But he’s admitted his mistake numerous times. He can't erase the past, or the tapes from the show. It was fair to tear into him months ago, but it’s March 31 and the season’s started and it’s really time to move on.

The booing started to feel forced by the ninth inning, as if it mistakenly was still the cool thing to do. Meanwhile, Huff had a single, missed a long home run by a few feet and crushed a ball that first baseman Carlos Pena smothered with a lunging stop. In a game where quality at-bats were scarce, Huff had a few of them.
He gets the point. People are mad that he dissed the city and embarrassed himself and the organization with his conduct on the show – and we’re not just talking about the Baltimore rippage. But it’s done. Teammates are tired of it, though they had some fun at his expense earlier in the day because that’s what guys do. We pile on. And then we jump off and defend our friends. I’m not suggesting that fans unfurl banners supporting Huff on Wednesday. But I don’t see the need to make the jeering a nightly obsession. It’s already gotten tired.

Maybe we can find another cause.

Sadly, you cannot legislate stupidity; however as I told someone yesterday Aubrey Huff disrespecting Baltimore with his comments in the off-season would not be easily forgotten by a town that has a long memory.

Case in point - people are still miffed at the Irasys for leaving Baltimore in the early 80's; honestly, do you think people would forget about Huff?

People have the right too boo or cheer for who they want to. Besides, Huff made his bed when he issued those comments, now he has to lie in it.

If I were Huff, I'd sign every autograph I could and reach out to the fans, if he were serious or even cares about his reputation.

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