Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Roundup: Bedard, More Opening Day, News and the Blogosphere...

I'll be looking forward to Sunday, as Erik Bedard returns to face his old team -- the Baltimore Orioles. He looked okay in his first start against Texas, and got shelled in Spring Training but; however, on Sunday, I think he'll be all business against the Orioles.

Personally, I'll be rooting for Bedard (well not on Sunday). Not withstanding some of the media reports I have gotten about his surly behavior and whatever, I found him to be a little shy but quite polite at least when I crossed paths with him.

He's an exceptional talent, I'll be rooting for him to do well. Unlike Huff, who disrespected the city and Millar rooting for the Sox, Bedard never openly dissed the city or said anything negative.

Tonight, the Orioles play their second game of the season and let's hope Daniel Cabrera can kick things into gear.


Well, reading the various news sites and all this morning, there's one thing that's certain -- almost all the reports think the Orioles looked less than impressive on Monday.

Press Box has a wonderful gallery of the Opening Day events, Stan Charles laments on the Orioles possibly leaving South Florida, Allen McCallum thinks the Orioles getting rid of Gibbons was a good thing; Jim Henneman wants the contract of Dave Trembley extended (already?); and Rob Long wants to look towards the future.

The Sun has paragraphs and clippings from various media outlets and they are not looking rosy when it comes to the Orioles; meanwhile, the newest blog on the Sun, titled "The Life of Kings" is moderated by Kevin Van Valkenburg and allows fans to go back forth with him via emailed questions.

So far this blog may be the most interesting on their site...

David Steele thinks the Orioles are going to have a long season just based on the events from Monday; Peter Schmuck thinks that fans perhaps bought extra tickets for a game that was proclaimed to be sold out, although it didn't look that way. As well, Andy MacPhail is working on rebuilding the farm...

Meanwhile, O's fans are hoping Adam Jones becomes a star; Matt Palmer interviews Dave Trembley for the Baltimore Examiner; and if we didn't know already, the Orioles are rebuilding, and it only took them a decade to do so and Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post has a piece on the effort as well, but in the end, fans are happy for baseball to have returned to Baltimore.

Ben of Oriole Central has his thoughts on Opening Day; Random Reality Thoughts thinks it's going to be a long season for Oriole fans; Scott Hoffman of Orioles Hangout has a nice piece on Adam Jones; the Roar From 34 gives their thoughts on Opening Day; HRB of Demspey's Army scans the web for the Oriole stuff; and Camden Chat takes issue with Amber Theorharis' latest piece in Press Box & also takes a look at the minor league system.


Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the nod in your round-up. I also like the Camden Chat link. I'm still stuck on Amber's comments about Jesus and chocolate bunnies. Unbelievable.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Hope all is well, Matt -- I have to look at Amber's piece again. It was something to really behold, and I thought she was a somewhat credible person before reading that article...

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