Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Roundup; MacPhail; News; Around the O's Blogosphere

If you all get a moment, check out the MASN Sports website and listen to the "Orioles Insider Roundtable". I heard it while on my break here in the office and both Steve Melewski and Dave Johnson interviewed Andy MacPhail.

I like Andy's perspective on the team so far, and it seems that he's pleasantly surprised at the team's start, the job that Dave Trembley is doing, and how the talent he acquired are developing. While the Orioles are over .500, I'm going to be cautiously optimistic to see how things go -- especially during their road trip and see how the Orioles do.

It is needless to say that the Orioles are doing very well.

Then again, we are only about an 1/8 through the season.

If Baltimore gets into a hole and starts slumping, expect the trade talks to start up once again with the usual suspects.

However, if there's some small shred of a miracle that the Orioles are around or even over .500 by June, the equation may change substantially.

Despite the positivity by a lot currently in the media, most of the national media believes that Baltimore will crash back down to earth and show who they supposedly should be.

Around the Blogosphere: MASN's own Amber Theoharis is happy that the contingent of Yankee fans did not take over the Yard as much as they did in year's past, and the Orioles hot start is a reason for that; SC of Camden Chat has an excellent roundup of what's going on in the minors; Birds in the Belfry has their thoughts on the rebuilding; The Orioles Insider thinks that Alex Cintron will be called up sooner rather than later; Ben of Oriole Central has his thoughts on Cabrera.

HRB of Dempsey's Army thinks this road trip could make or break the Orioles and we'll see what they are made of; The Wayward O has his thoughts on Frank Thomas.

WNST's Drew Forrester thinks the Orioles need to ramp up their PR efforts, although he gives them credit for improving; Rex Snider thinks that Joe Girardi took the wrong job (the Yankees) and Nestor Aparicio wonders if the O's should go after Frank Thomas.

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