Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reality: Camden Yards Tonight

I, being a baseball nut, I watched both the Nationals and Orioles games on while working.

This evening, I saw a lot of green in the stands as it was probably open seating night -- I could not believe it, but then I saw this photo on

There's no sugar coating this.

According to the box score, the paid attendance was 10,505 - the lowest in Camden Yards history, and people are staying away not only because of the weather and we're playing the Rays, but the team is bad and we have no marquee players at all (sans Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts). Yes, we've got 79 more home games to go, but this scene is a bad, bad omen.

As a fan, this is painful to see - really. Maybe things can change sooner rather than later.

God forbid what the attendance would be if the Yankees and Red Sox didn't come to town 18 times a year.

On the bright side, we won, 9-6, and perhaps Huff is starting to heat up in April.

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