Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seven In A Row? Are We Drinking the Kool Aid?

Well, we all may be drinking the Orange Kool-Aid, or we may be cautiously optimistic; however, the Baltimore Orioles are on a roll.

I posted this as a comment yesterday in response to Heather Irvin's thread on Oriole Magic, but I know better than to think the Orioles will contend in ‘08, much less will finish better than .500; however, what are seeing with Baltimore is what makes April a month where a team can either have a feast or go through famine like the powerful Tigers in Motown — it gives us fans hope.

In the end, Baltimore may come crashing down to earth this week, or next, but for once it was kind of nice to take a vacation from the negativity and whatever else.

The streak makes for great water cooler talk, and although the natural laws will finally descend on the Orioles — at least we have had some positivity in Bird-land, and it’s not been around for a long time.

We still need our starters to go deeper, Hernandez may not be the real deal, and whatever other problems the O’s have still need to be resolved, but things are a lot different from ‘07.

It’s been an entertaining week, and as Heath (of Dempsey's Army) said, yesterday, "let’s all enjoy the ride", because we will probably return to bitching and complaining soon enough.

Here are the highlights from yesterday:

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