Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O's Lose to Split Series With Jays; Attendance Sucks Despite Playing Well

Well, we are now out of first place in the AL East, as Boston has now taken over the top spot with their win over Cleveland tonight.

If you listened to Beltway Baseball the other day, James and I chatted about the attendance, and just looking at MASN right now -- despite it being Adam Jones T-shirt night, there was one there. I was at the Yard last night and there announced crowd was slightly over 11,000 -- however, there did not look like there was more than nine.

The crowd on Tuesday was 15,017 -- despite a promotion. Well, the Orioles may be off to a good start -- however, except for the die hards, those who wanted to get cheap seats tonight or partake in open seating, the fans don't care at all.

Baltimore lost 11-3 to Toronto -- not much to say for the loss except the pitching, Trachsel and every one who pitched thereafter --- was awful -- downright awful.

One more note, yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day, so it’s a good time remember what he did for the game and betterment of American society.

1 comment:

The Running Moron said...

Re: your title about the Orioles playing well, they're 1-6 in their last 7 games. I'd hardly call that playing well. You can argue they're playing well at home, but IMO the layperson isn't going to pay attention to that.

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