Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boras Meeting With Red Sox About Mark Teixeira?

Take it for what is worth, but if this is true, we might be heading towards a conclusion soon in the whole Mark Teixeira free agent sweepstakes. It looks like the team that most thought would pull in the slugger -- the Boston Red Sox -- may finally be making their move to acquire him.

From the Baltimore Sun: ESPN and a Boston TV station both reported tonight that Teixeira's agent, Scott Boras, was having or will have face-to-face negotiations with Boston Red Sox officials tonight.

WCVB-TV in Boston cited unnamed sources saying that the Red Sox were offering the former Severna Park resident and Mount St. Joseph alumnus an eight-year deal worth $184 million while meeting with Boras in Texas tonight.

If true, the contract far surpasses the Orioles' offer, which is believed to be seven years and between $140 and $150 million.

Contacted early tonight, Orioles president Andy MacPhail was unaware of the TV report. He would not comment on any speculative offers, but said he had not been informed by anyone in the Boras camp that a deal was pending.

Any such contract likely would not be officially announced until after a physical is completed.
If this is fact, the Red Sox are gunning after Teixeira hard -- thus, it has been shown in the past, if they want a player real bad, they'll get him no matter the cost (item: J.D. Drew and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

In the end, much like the Yankees acquisition of A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia, the whole deal isn't about playing for your home team or any sentimentality -- it's about the money, and only about the money and going to a play that will take you on the easiest road to a championship.

Let's see what the Orioles and the others involved the hunt do.

If Baltimore is out of it, let's get some arms to help stabilize things until our young pitchers on the farm are ready to come up. The team needs to something -- and I mean something -- in the offseason to get the plan of rebuilding moving along.

As well, the organization has to get the spring training situation squared away and under control as the situation just makes things look real bad.

It's been eleven years since Baltimore's last winning season in baseball, and in the end, all fans just want to have is a winner and a team to be proud of. For those fans who wanted Teixeira -- assuming the report is true -- it feels like coal has now been put into your stockings for Christmas.

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