Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Red Sox Usher In New Threads Too.

I know this is an Oriole blog, but the Boston Red Sox -- also known as the Evil Empire 1A -- too unveiled new uniforms and a secondary cap that will become part of their stable for 2009.

Well, I only have one question: why?

As I told Ian from Sox and Dawgs yesterday, the old uniforms were fine. Again, I think it's an excuse to make people spend more money -- especially in these economic times. The good thing is that the Red Sox not only have a strong (to put it mildly) following, but also they are a 'brand'.

The new threads -- especially the road ones -- look, well ... quaint.


SoxAddict said...

And the biggest bit of bullshit surrounding the whole situation? TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Why in the HELL would they do that?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I think that's a main reason, too; then again, it reeks of total opportunism.

SoxAddict said...

Well I would agree had they done it in the middle of November or early November. But 2 weeks before Christmas, most people have already purchased their presents and gifts. Imagine thousands of little kids being sad because the "authentic gear" that their mommy bought them because it's no longer "authentic."

(Granted those kids are brats because there is no way my mom would throw down 100+ bucks on a jersey for me but STILL..)

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from.

Well, the fact of the matter is the new jersey from what I can see (this includes the O's as to not only pick on the Red Sox) cost at least $140 and up.

It doesn't look they have 'replicas' for sale, just the authentic, 'cool-fit' items.

In these time with many families struggling and people losing their jobs or facing salary cuts, one would think that manufacturers could make their items even more affordable. One should not assume that people have disposable income to throw around when there are other pressing issues in life.

I spent upwards of $230 on the new jerseys, but only after I got them off during their 30% sale on Black Friday.

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