Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teixeira Going To The Yankees...

It looks like the Yankees have swooped in and got Teixeira.

From Boston.com: Sports Illustrated.com and ESPN's Peter Gammons are both reporting that the New York Yankees are on the verge of signing first baseman Mark Teixeira to an eight-year, $180 million contract.
It looks like New York -- as some thought -- may have swept him away with a last minute surprise (or they just kept things hush-hush). The deal is contingent on the slugger passing a physical, and it looks like Boras might have pulled out an old card -- going to the Yankees for a last minute deal (can anyone say Johnny Damon?).

Obviously spending a ton of money doesn't necessarily mean a World Series or the playoffs; however, one must think the Yankees are indeed the favorites now to take the AL East title.

I guess a year where New York finished in third place, plus a new ballpark have turned them to revert to opening up the checkbook and spending freely.

For a team asking for more money to subsidize their ballpark, they sure can dish it out. My lord, let's hope they don't ask for a bailout -- sheesh. It's time for a salary cap of some sort and may he never win a World Series.

They have given out $400 plus million worth of contracts to three players, and you wonder why teams like Minnesota, Oakland, Kansas City and the Indians have continuous turnover of players.

I'm curious to see how Oriole fans will react to the news, and I'll be turning on the radio to hear the carnage.


Deaner said...

Yet another reason to hate the Yankees.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Yeah, but can you blame them? Their new park will be an ATM, and they have the revenue to take on his contract.

Baseball needs a salary cap, as from the looks of it, the luxury tax isn't doing anything to deter outrageous spending.

Mac G said...

I am purely disgusted with baseball and something needs to be put in place.

There is no real free market system when only a handful of teams can actually bid on the premier players. 2009 will be the toughest economic years of our lifetimes but these baseball teams act like it is business as usual.

Tex was never going to come home and his favorite color is green. I do not blame him for wanting to win but save me the Maryland home town crap that I have listened to forever a year.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Mac G - Mark was not going to come here no matter what. The Yankees win, they spend, and for better or worse -- try to put a competitive team out there.

Baltimore has not won for 11 seasons, and much of it has been their own doing -- however, a lot of their moves did not work out.

The world of baseball ceased to be a romantic sport in the 80's -- it's a bug business and these players are basically corporations.

I do agree, Teixeira saying he wanted to play in Baltimore was asinine.

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